Can’t be happy here…

Originally, I had typed up half a blog post about how karma was acting super weird lately. About how everything actually was falling into place. In this past week alone, I had applied and accepted a part time mornings job for extra cash. My boyfriend and I finally found a single apartment complex that actually accepts husky’s and he agreed we’d move in as soon … Continue reading Can’t be happy here…

You only need 1 reason to get out and run.

It’s ironic really… the way one day we can go from feeling like we’re a complete failure at like to the next feeling like we’re on top of the world. For once, things seem to be falling back into place. I’m working on getting a place with my boyfriend and another friend of ours. I just paid off more on my student loans, simply because … Continue reading You only need 1 reason to get out and run.

Who else feels like they’re failing at growing up?

Originally, I was super excited to type up the post about how fun Florida vacation was, because it was. Granted, my boyfriend made it down there late due to the snowstorm we got that gave us around 30inches of snow. There was of course bits of family drama from the wedding. But it was still awesome. The brides dress was beautiful. Boyfriend and I caught … Continue reading Who else feels like they’re failing at growing up?

Things I love: Flowers

I’ve always been attracted to flowers. Whether it be walking in the store and wanting to look at every single flower or walking outside among the planted ones, I absolutely love flowers. This past valentines day, I’ve had something happen that I’ve never had happen before. My grandmother, my mother, nor my aunt have even heard of this in all their years of living. Naturally, … Continue reading Things I love: Flowers