Round 1

So I figured I’d give this whole ‘blog’ thing a try. I’ve wanted to do something like this for years and was even assigned, or rather forced, to write one back when I was a freshman in college. But everyone has to know, if you’re forced to do anything, it most definitely will not end well… to say in the least, that blogging experience didn’t turn out good. Now, almost five years later, I’ve decided to give it another try.

The one thing I always questioned with having a blog was… would anyone ever read it? Was there even a point to writing one at all? Let me get this straight though, this isn’t something I plan to go out and tell all my friends I’m doing; it’s something I want to do for myself. Then i always questioned, what in the world would I write about? But seriously, you look at anyone’s life, even your own, I’d be willing to bet, no matter what age, gender, nationality, or whatever, there is ALWAYS something to talk about. Whether it be exciting news, a story, or just straight up venting, there is always something. (Which I think I’m ranting right now so let’s get back to the point!)

If you or anyone else wants to read my blog. You have the freedom to do so. Hell, even leave a comment if your heart desires it! (It’d probably make mine happy too to know someone’s out there!) Umm, knowing me, I’ll probably write about all sorts of drama, relationships, or lack there of, work/the process of finding it, and all sorts of other stuff (but mostly the listed stuff (:   ).

P.S. – If for some reason you continue to read my blog and find something in your blog/life relates, feel free to chat! It’s always good to know you’re not going through stuff alone in the world!

For now, that’s all i got. So Tootles.


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