Sunday- The day my life was a commercial

Do any of you guys remember a commercial released by Subaru a couple years back? It involved a girl changing a tire, in the pouring rain, while her father watched. From the minute I saw that commercial on my TV,  I loved it. I can remember turning to my dad next to me and saying something along the lines of ‘why didn’t you ever do that with me’ which ended in him laughing at the idea of me changing a tire in the rain.

What was so hard to understand about me wanting to learn how to change a tire? It’s not like it’s taught in high school– i mean nothing of useful substance is taught, but that’s a whole-nother post. So back to me wanting to learn…

When I finally declared what school I wanted to attend, my parents were surprised. It was four hours away from home; with never leaving home ever without my parents, it was a huge change. There was not one person I knew there, beyond meeting my bowling coach. How this relates to everything was that I couldn’t just call daddy for help when karma hit and gave me a flat tire. There was no mechanic I knew, no family member to help, just any friends I had at the time that–hopefully— weren’t in class or working. To my luck, my best friend, who I’ll call J, was supposed to be meeting me for lunch after I had finished practice.

They say things hit in groups of 3; they aren’t kidding. Just one day prior, J had been unfortunate enough to get two flat tires in one drive. Then a couple hours after that, his brother also got a flat tire. Finally, about 24 hours later, my tire was flat from a screw and I had NO clue how to change it. To say in the least, J was able to show me and help me change it all before we went to lunch. It was hard because the bolts were rusted on but the whole process was quite easy.

Today, my dad’s van had a flat. He filled it up before going to my parents work to switch his tires with our old van. He was gone an hour and a half before we realized it was way to long to be missing. So i hoped into my car and headed over there. On the way there i had pictured seeing him walking along the streets home because he had issues or something. Luckily i arrived and finished helping him change the last two tires. This is where it felt like the commercial, but worse. It was cold, approximately 24F/-4C outside plus a 20 mph breeze. To top it off, it was snowing. I would have much rather preferred the rainy day, that’s for sure!

By the time we were finished, my legs were frozen to the bone. My face was covered in dirt from wiping my hair away from my face with my gloves and it was already getting dark out.

If you’re a parent, teach your kids how to change a tire while they’re in high school or around the age they get their licence! You’re not going to be there to show them everything one day and you’ll be glad you taught them while you could. Imagine getting a call from your kid and they’re hours away or you can’t leave whatever you’re doing… they’d be stranded. We’re big kids. We shouldn’t have to depend on a tow truck or a mechanic to get through life. We shouldn’t have to depend on anyone but ourselves! If my little rant didn’t push you enough to teach your kids, try watching the commercial. Bet you’ll change your mind. Now while you enjoy the video, I’m going to go enjoy my homemade steak my daddy made for me =)


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