How to get out of bed: Run.

I think the worst part about waiting to get a job is the time wasted before you actually get it. So, I’ve been laying here in bed for like an hour and the urge to get up isn’t there. There really isn’t much for me to do so the question isn’t ‘Why aren’t you getting up?’ It’s now ‘Why should you get up?’ The real thing I know I should be getting up for is my workout…

My goal through this whole year was to run a ton of miles; specifically 600+miles. And one of my life goals I made was to do a race in every state, like a real race where everyone else is trying to beat you to that finish line. You see, if  you haven’t run a 5k, or a 10k or anything else where you get a bib and try to run to the finish line, you don’t know what you’re missing.

My first race was last November in Florida. My friend and I were training for it for 10 solid weeks. However, the one thing we hadn’t planned for was where the race was. Through those 10 weeks, we trained on the beach, running through the sand. The race was on a bridge at night. Bridges in Florida are tall as crap! Beaches are flat as crap! Training on a flat beach for a bridge race= not a smart move. When the race actually started, everyone was cheering each other on! The atmosphere I had predicted (I’d be slowest runner and be dead last by the finish) was completely backwards. Veterans were cheering me on as I was for them. Some random runners would run up to someone who was slowing down and pace themselves so that runner didn’t stop.

That was when I made my goal to keep running. Yet, I find myself laying here in bed, not wanting to get up and run… Maybe it’s because where I live, we haven’t had sun in 9 days! 9 freaking long days! Happiness is probably at all time low. Today is day 10, but there is actually sun! Kinda of… I mean it’s cloudy but you can see it’s brighter. So I should get up am g0 for run… It doesn’t have to be a long run but then again, I’m still at the level where all my runs feel long.

Screw it. I WILL run. I’ll get out of bed, get dressed, and run. Just run. I’ll be happy about it… or at least try to… I need to get back on the horse and start training again! If any runners read this, you have any advice for me? How do you stay motivated to run because it feels like a constant struggle. The thing I always say during a run- Running makes me hate running yet I continue to do it. I don’t know why.

Off to go run I guess… tootles.


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