I Declaire Myself a Doctor

Isn’t it funny how when something happens, whether it be getting sick or having some sort of pain, most of us immediately turn to the internet to find our diagnosis? I find that extremely funny– probably because of the fact I find myself doing it right now…

About a week and a half back, I woke up one morning unable to really bend my middle finger… like at all! It was obviously swollen and I assume that’s the reason why it wouldn’t budge. However, if i pushed through the horrible pain, it would actually move to almost touching my palm (base of the fingers).

Now this obviously isn’t my first injury… I’ve had 3 surgeries, been electrocuted (by the doctor purposely) twice, been awake for a procedure and watched them take out 3 different screws out of bones. I’ve torn a hamstring, had tendinitis in my thumb… all of this and I’m only 22… cool thing is, I could probably tell ya what is wrong with you if it’s a bone or muscle! Sad part is, I can’t diagnose myself right now…

I’ll let you guys in on something you’ll probably think is really weird… at least that’s the normal response I get… I’m a bowler. Yes, bowling, as in roll a ball down the lane and hit the white pins at the end. But I’m not just a go out and have fun bowler. I take it seriously. I bowled for my high school. I got PAID (that’s right I said it!) to bowl in college. And yes, I’m still continuing it outside of schooling with private tournaments and working for a association that runs tournaments and leagues. (I bet you think this is all just a random paragraph but just wait, it all connects!)

A day before that week and a half ago, I bowled that night. It wasn’t a unusual amount of games. I didn’t throw a bad shot that I felt pain from. Nothing was off. Yet, the next morning, WHAM! The finger problem… After spending the last half hour-hour looking at different doctor-y sites, I’ve decided (and hoping) that it’s just tendinitis. It has to be because the only other outcome is arthritis and SCREW THAT! I’ve seen what that does to my uncles hands or my mom’s… but they’re also 50+… So yes, I declare myself my own doctor. I’ve been in a hospital enough to have an idea that it still could be this. Luckily, the pain has dulled tremendously. Sometimes, I forget it even hurt… others, when I put some weight on it the pain is right back in that first knuckle/joint.

Fingers crossed that’s what it is… cause I’d rather not give up the thing I’ve been doing for 13+ years…


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