I want it now!

(Rant ahead…be warned)

If anyone thinks they know me well, then they’ll know that I love ice cream. It is 100% possible that there have been days where it wasn’t just a dessert but rather a breakfast or lunch or even dinner. I love it.

Now, one of my favorite places to get ice cream is Baskin Robins. Depending on where you live, you might have heard of it. Except lately, the one I normally go to has been making me not want to ever go to them again. The list of issues I’ve had (some may be minimal) seem to be never ending.

They pride themselves on being a brand that has 31 different flavors that you can pick from. The location I go to has less then 20. It’s not like it is too small to fit all 31 flavors. There is another located in the mall with literally only a quarter of the space and they have more than 31. If this was my real issue with them, I could just deal with it an pick a different flavor, but it’s not.

When you go to an ice cream shop, no matter what the brand or name, I feel like there is always a specific kind of ice cream flavors normally carried 24/7. Under that small list i would think chocolate chip would be included. (It’s not like it some weird flavor or hard to make or something.)


DING DING DING! This place didn’t have it…

Not the first week I went…

Not the second week I went…

Not the third week I went…

And not even today, the fourth week I went.

It doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s the freaking middle of winter! It’s not like you have a huge rush of baseball players coming in after practice or something! There aren’t any late night-drive under the moon dates since it’s so cold outside! Hell, there aren’t that many crazy people that I even know that actually like ice cream in winter time. (It’s too cold they say… big babies… ice creams good anytime. And I’d still take one of those ice cream dates no matter what it’s like outside!)

I just don’t understand how a big brand name place can’t seem to have enough ice cream int he freezers in the winter time… order the damn chocolate chip already! I want my ice cream…I did my time waiting…

(End of rant as I settle down and drink nasty mint ice cream shake…)

P.S.- I kind of remind myself of Veruca from the movie Charley and the Chocolate Factory  right now…”Give it to me! I want it now!”


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