Coaching Time!

Today I am officially going to coach another bowler! They approached me and asked for lessons/help because they knew they were struggling and they had seen me bowl before. Naturally, I was extremely surprised. I’d never officially had someone ask me about any private lessons or help.

It wasn’t just random help being asked for or her just seeing me bowling. She and I had done a tournament at our home bowling alley and she was struggling. So, being the nice person I am, I walked over and gave her one sentence of advice. Once she was up to bowl, she tried it and struck instantly. The rest of the tournament she did very well.

As probably assumed, I practically live in the bowling alley. All of the workers know me and people remember me. One of the the employees bowls on this woman’s team. He approached me, asking if I ever did private lessons. I told him I would if asked. Then he proceeded to shove me towards Brandi who thus asked for lessons.

Tonight’s the night. Now, I’ve coached a 9 and 12 year old and they now average around 160’s (when they’re actually trying). Teaching an adult is completely different I know i know. The one thing I worry about with her is her using the excuse “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks,” because I think that is a complete load of crap! EVERYONE is capable of learning new things at any point. People in their 80’s or 90’s or EVEN 100’s are running outside. I know a woman who is 96 who still bowls, and boy, she don’t let her age get in her way!

Fingers crossed tonight goes well because I really  want to help her get better. Maybe then I’d be able to start coaching more people! I’m hopeful…. I think…


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