Do you notice accents…

Yesterday, I started re-watching an old show. This particular show is not an American show, but rather an Australian show. To say in the least, I’ve definitely been binge watching it all over again but that’s not my main focus in this post: it’s their accents.

Back when I was in grade school, 5-8 grade, we had 2 students (twins male and female) that came to live here in America so their father could work. Being from Belgium gave them a whole different accent that what us young kids had ever heard. I remember sitting at the lunch table with them and making Tom say ‘chicken nugget’ repeatedly because we all loved his accent.

Going to university, I discovered more how much I loved hearing accents. With 58 international students attending from 38 different countries, there were TONS of different accents I could hear. Of them, my favorites were from Australia and Czech Republic. I suppose it wasn’t just the accents, but also the fact that words are used differently here and everywhere else. It’s actually quite amazing how many words mean something here and completely different somewhere else. Take for example the word ‘chips’, in Europe they’re actually referred to ask ‘crisps’. Or how a lift is the same here as how we say elevator. (Those are only the appropriate ones…)

Now knowing how much I and all my American friends love hearing accents, I wondered what it’s like in another country. Do other countries hear Americans speak and automatically know their American? Do they actually like hearing our accents? Or is it one of those ‘all Americans are stupid so please don’t talk’ things that is always shown on TV…

These are the weird questions I think about…. very weird I know…


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