Things I love: BACON!

If I die of anything unnatural, I’d be willing to put money down on cardio problems… because I absolutely love bacon. It seems like all doctors say these days is that every kind of food will give you cancer or this is bad for you or that is unhealthy. You can’t eat anything anymore without there being a problem with it…

But seriously, if it’s bacon in question WHO REALLY CARES! It’s bacon!

This post is not as random as everyone thinks. My family decided they wanted pizza for dinner tonight. Being me, I’m perfectly content with my only cheese pizza… but tonight, I wanted to try something different… you guessed it, bacon. Half cheese, half with bacon. Man, this was just great. I had wanted bacon for breakfast but woke up too late from the late night I had last night so I missed out. With dinner, I now had it.

With the special request for the bacon to be crunchy, it was amazing. However, I’m pretty sure my friend who works at the place, told them to put extra bacon on it since he saw it under my name. The bacon did overpower the idea of it being pizza because of this though…I’m sure you guessed the outcome of that too…. Just eat the bacon off the pizza first and pizza second. Works both ways.

Most girls say that the way to their heart is chocolate… yeah screw that. Get me some bacon! As long as it’s crunchy, I’m a happy camper!


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