The 3 Amigos (kitties and cats)

If you don’t like cats, this is not the post for you…. expect LOTS of cat photos and feel free to show me your babies (even if not kitties) because I love pictures!


5 years ago on this day, my first kitten Oscar, that I had gotten for my birthday, had to be put down.  He was’t a year old but something had happened and he was in horrible pain and the doctors couldn’t fix him. The best and only real thing we could do from there was put him down so he wasn’t suffering anymore.

Naturally, I was a huge mess. My first pet had just died. I was only in my senior year of high school. The thought of him always running to the door like a dog when I got home from school or sleeping with me every night taking over my pillow, was very hard to imagine would never happen again.When they say pets are your best friend, I took that one seriously.

Being that, I didn’t want to be alone. (And I didn’t think Spirit {the other cat in the house} wanted to be alone either). Once my parents were back from vacation, I dragged them to go pick up the new member of our family…. SUNNY! I picked him out myself, named him myself, and loved him just as must.

He’s soooooo much different than Oscar though. Upon first getting into my room, he wouldn’t stop running. You see the wild look in his eyes here! But isn’t he soooooo cute

Imagine a small dog hopped up on energy locked in a room… that was sunny. Finally hours later, he crashed. He looks so much bigger than he actually was… keep in mind, he had a fat tummy.


Now he’s in the family for good. As much as he seems to have issues, he’s my boy and I don’t plan to ever get rid of him. I love him and all of his craziness..

They’re the 3 Amigos

Spirit, Sunny, and Stormy


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