Work Stress

I find it extremely funny (kind of) that I’m stressed about work when I don’t even have a job… But that’s what is making it so stressful. See the job I mentioned earlier was the one I wanted… and still do. However, I’m on what I refer to as the wait list. I’ve passed all their tests and qualifications and now I’m put on a list.

I’m not sure if that list refers to me being #4 or 5 and the pull people who are first and work from there. Or it could be them waiting until availability for their training in Georgia opens up. Either way, from the forums that I have read thousands of posts on, people go from waiting a couple weeks to months… and some people may never get an offer (which I think is ridiculous… I mean, don’t let someone think they have a chance if there never is one…)

So the new challenge is whether to apply for a job in the meantime. I am literally one click away from setting up a interview with UPS. Obviously, it’d only be a temporary job until the other sends an offer to me. But I’m torn with that. Say I hit that button and tomorrow I get the job offer… Or what happens if I’m in the middle of the training for UPS and get the offer. I just feel crappy for saying ‘I quit because I got a better offer.’ My mom says that’s life and people understand and you need to think about yourself first. It still sucks though! I’d like to think I’m a nice person an by quitting I wouldn’t be…

The problem is that I need a job… like now. Money fuels everything I guess…what do I do… ugh…


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