Do you know what Ham Radio is?

Not many people have any clue what ham radio is. Not the slightest clue… it’s sad to think. The way I’ve always told people in simple terms: do you know what a truck driver uses in their trucks to talk to others? It’s called CB radio. Now that is very similar to Ham radio but Ham requires you to have a licence to operate it.There is also huge antennas that can be set up 100s of feet in the sky.

Everyone has a call. My great grandma had one. My grandma and grandpa had one. Now my dad has a call and I’m working on getting my licence. (Can’t tell you what my father’s is since then you’d all know where I live!)

The reason I post about this is because while everyone is living their lives unaware, there is a contest going on. It’s an international contest in which my father is working and attempting to talk to people in other countries. Last year he worked (meaning talked to) people in Cuba, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and many more. The more countries you talk to, the more points you get. The higher the points, the more likely you may win.

The hard part of this contest is that they only are doing CW (Morse Code). You know in the movies where you hear beeping really fast, or people talk and say stop between each word as they beep the keys, (they don’t actually talk like that) that is what CW is. Certain beeps, or as I call them, Da’s and Dit’s, are hit in a certain way. If you listen closely, you’ll get numbers and letters telling you their call and location. It’s fascinating really. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go look up Morse Code to hear it for yourself, at least once in your life. Then you can brag you know what it is if you ever hear it again.

If anyone is doing this February DX contest, let me know! I’ll tell dad where you might be and to look out for you! Were in America and will be operating all weekend… in my room… sounds lovely right… to hear the constant beeping all night long through the weekend….

Below is just an example of what some calls (the record them self online) look like. There are many different bands as you can see by the 60m, 40m, and so on at the top. All the lines on the picture mean that they’ve talked to someone at the other end of the line. Think you can figure out what grid you’re in from the map? (Those are the letters on the map like HH CJ and so on. They’re in a pattern so see if you can figure it out!)



That’s all for now! Time to go get a headache this weekend!


4 thoughts on “Do you know what Ham Radio is?

  1. Nice to learn that young girls are interested in amateur radio. I got my first license in 1969. I am interested in CW and QRP, so the max PWR I work with is below 5 W output. There is no problem to make a contact with W , VK or LU on 20m. Even on lower band when CONDx are fine.

    Good luck MissNikkiP. Hope youll get your license very soon.


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