Bad day start. Good day finish.

Besides being woken up at 1am by a drunk asking for more alcohol and keeping me up longer than that, my sleep was crappy. So naturally, I woke up being grumpy and still pissed off at my family member (which is a usual in this house).

The day continued to get worse, mostly because of my own thoughts getting more and more angry at little things the family member did/does. You ever get in those moods where basically every little thing just pisses you off more. It could literally be them doing nothing that makes you angrier. This was totally me this morning…74124ecc59f08835b152d10426120c42

I also can’t deny at one point today, I may or may not have cried. Nonetheless, it got better at the end of the day. Blackhawks played and won! I had all of my cats sleeping with me (I think they knew how upset I was and this was their attempt to make me happy.)

Finally, it ended with Girl Scout cookies– Frozen Thin Mints!!! If you have had Thin mints but not tried them frozen, I urge you to do so. I won’t eat them room temp anymore. They just aren’t the same or nearly as good… but only with the Thin Mints or Tagalongs. Either way, chocolate makes everything better!

Another question I ask, is Girl Scouts like a thing outside the USA? Does it exist at all or is it just called differently…cause boy, if other countries don’t have Girl Scouts, I feel bad for you cause you’re missing out on the cookies! Delicious glorious-ness all wrapped up and sold to you by a little girl trying to raise money for some project to do… when I did Girl Scouts years and years back, I sold the highest in my area with 800+ boxes! Can you imagine how hard it was to hand each and every one of those boxes to the people who bought them….. soooooooo many cookies! But yeah, countries that aren’t the USA, are girl scouts or boy scouts a thing?

I’m extremely happy this day is almost over. Although I’m going to hold that grudge against the family member for awhile. To mean people that I don’t like, this picture is for you:



For everyone else who is also having a bad day, these are for you… They made me laugh at least a little bit. (I put in 10 pictures’s I thought were funny…could also be because it’s nighttime and I just ate a whole roll of thin mints too…) So to anyone who reads this, I hope you manage to have a good day and if not, I hope the pictures make it better like it did for me.

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