I gave it up…. and now I wish I hadn’t…

(No this post is not mostly about religion)

In the Catholic Religion, Lent exists. Now, I’m surely not going to get into what Lent entirely is because with my luck, someone would come to argue it or try to ‘explain it better’. So instead, I’ll just say, you’re normally supposed to give something up.(Again, not going to explain it on here, look it up if you want to understand. Not looking for fights). It can range from doing something physical, mental, or anything really. Most people that I know will say they give up some sort of food. Others who are trying harder to change their lives say swearing.

The past couple years, I had strayed away from religion (to my regret) due to school or other things making me too busy to focus on Lent. However, this year, since I’m no longer in University, I’m back at it.

Whenever I give something up, usually my mom does it with me. This year I decided to give up Ice cream and Popcorn. If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know how much I LOVE ice cream.


The idea was not only to give something up for church but accomplish the idea of getting more healthy. The problem with the original plan to give up things, mom didn’t eat ice cream as much. HOWEVER, with her busy life style, she tends to skip breakfast. Eventually, time catches up and she is starving by 10. Since she works in an office, she has stored away cookies (Girl scout cookies) to fill her up.

Since she eats too many cookies and I eat too much ice cream (I firmly believe one can never eat too much ice cream…) that we would give up sweets/dessert food all together. So this includes:

  • Ice cream
  • popcorn
  • cookies
  • candy
  • pretty much anything chocolate…

It’s day 2 of 40… I’m craving a shake… Chocolate chocolate chip shake and yes there are two chocolates in there because it’s a mix of chocolate ice cream and chocolate chip. Believe me, it does taste differently and awesome!

You don’t realize how many places sell ice cream… or chocolate… till you try to stop eating it… 37 days left… Now I have to find some healthy snack substitutes. So far i have apples and grapes. Any other ideas for me? Keep in mind, I’m a picky eater… like reallllllllly picky.

Even if you’re not catholic or religious, you should try to give something up for 40 days. Lent kind of gives you an excuse to try if someone asks you. Its amazing what people try to do when they have a reason/excuse to do it and giving something up seems easy until you try!


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