Ham Radio- Ready for another contest!

Like every post I make about Ham radio, keep in mind, I’m still learning so for all you hams out there, take it easy on me.

Dad and I are doing another contest that starts today and ends late Sunday for us. This contest, we decided to stay at home rather than go down to my grandpas and use the ham shack we have there. The picture above was taken 7 years ago at grandpas house… now we have added a few more. You can see my dad on the right tower too!

Since we’re at home and not in the country/rural area we can only put up so many towers, and they can’t be too high since there is an airport right by us that practically uses our house as a runway (believe me, we pause conversation every 30 seconds-2 minutes because a plane is going overhead and we can’t hear). For all you hams reading this, we finally managed to hook up all the antennas that we plan to use. He tells me that they are a beam, sloping-wire, and vertical beam.

Once again, it is in my room since I’m closest to the towers. My happiness resides in the fact that this contest I’ll get to be calling CQ and not trying to learn morse code! So now more beeping this time! Apparently, this contest is PH only  and no CW. Wooooo!

Hopefully I’ll hear some of my hams calls that are following me on here! I’ll let you know if I do after the contest ends.


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