Grow up already…

(Ranting ahead… don’t say i didn’t warn ya)

This past weekend was a huge test to my nerves.You’d think when you graduate high school that the drama and pettiness of girls goes away but I guess some just don’t grow out of it… The reason I came to face my old team was that sectionals was this past weekend and I was helping run the tournament on day 2 and 3.

The first day, I walked in to help coach one girl and cheer on another. Both were two girls who hadn’t graduated yet and still on team. Immediately when I walked in, A (that’s what i’ll call her) ran over to B (second girl) and started to make fun of me in any way they could. A started by saying ‘why is she even here?’ then it proceeded to making fun of my new hair cut (which I cut 7 inches off and now have shoulder length hair) and making fun of my outfit i had on…. it was a vest, jeans, and a hat for gods sake!

The last time i saw A and B, they were both talking to me and excited i was even there to watch/work the tournament. Since then, we’ve had no contact so there shouldn’t be any bad blood or anything. Yet here they are, bitching about how I’m simply there to watch (to their knowledge). It’s my home bowling alley. I’m there almost 5 days a week… why wouldn’t I be there.

Plus, there’s the fact that I’m not even in college anymore. They shouldn’t be worried about me. It’s not like I was going to steal their spot on varsity again. The don’t have to compete with me on anything!

The sucky part was the fact that i couldn’t even go to coach to let them know how they are treating alumni. The school is all about alumni and keeping them involved. So they should’ve been happy i was there. I would have gone to coach had it not put the friend who told me what they said under the bus. They would instantly know it was her and de-friend her in every where. Knowing them, they’d go cry to someone and get her kicked off the team.

I can’t wait to see how they’ll do in the real world… I don’t see them doing well…Still, I can’t help but to wish i could punch them right in the face for the bitches they are. Grow up already!


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