Choo Choo… on the way to ancestry!


Have you ever just decided that you wanted to know more about your family or where you came from, beyond your parents? Ever so often, it’s like a want or need that comes over me where I just start asking all sorts of questions. What is my heritage? Where did we live before America? Did any ancestors do anything cool?

People generally think, if your family wasn’t rich or some sort of famous person it’s not interesting but that’s totally not the case. Today, I didn’t ask to know my history. The huge wave didn’t flood over this time. Instead, my dad approached me, that’s right, it was reversed this time.

I’ve told you guys about how my dad and grandpa did/do ham radio as a hobby. However, I learned that my grandpa and great grandpa (who I never got the chance to meet) worked on the railroads in Chicago. Recently, my dad decided he wanted all of their stories to be heard. I believe it’s a amazing thing he’s trying to do… you see, my dad isn’t some English major out there. His spelling isn’t great, he uses commas instead of apostrophes and just doesn’t use commas at all for their intended use. Yet, he typed 4 pages worth of stories of these bunk cars and old facts about them.

Some of you are probably thinking, he wasn’t there! Why is even trying to write the story when it was grandpa and great grandpas stories! Well, great grandpa, C. Lawson, died many years ago so obviously he can’t go and write it. As for my grandpa, his dad, he can no longer do much these days. A couple years back, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. now, he is to the point it is hard to understand him even say hi; so you can understand why he can’t tell the story anymore.

So dad sent me 4 pages worth of stories. They are bits and pieces of their lives ranging from 1930’s to 1970’s. Some of the stories don’t have years since they can’t remember exactly when stuff happened. Either way, imagine hearing you great grandfather and grandpa both worked on railroads for years and years. Or better yet, imagine reading those stories!

As of now, I’ve edited 2 of the four pages. I’ve considered when it’s fully edited and timeline fixed, about posting it on here… maybe. I’m not fully sure any of you would be interested in that.

Anyway, if you have family or means of finding out your history, you should. Many people don’t know anything about themselves. Looking back at what you came from can change where you go in the future. If you’re like me, you’ll look at life and see all the adventures available out there. You’ll be in more of a happy mood and wonder if there is more about you that you still don’t know. What’s the saying… you learn things new everyday… including about yourself!

The best and most memorable stories are from our families!


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