Workout Training Day 1

Today, I started to train my friend. She is as tiny and wants to gain as much muscle as possible. Naturally it’s not going to happen in one day but she understands it’s going to take longer.

Out of all the places, the cheapest and closest for us was Planet Fitness. Now don’t get me wrong, the place isn’t great without certain workout stuff. For example, the whole place’s motto is “judgement free zone” and that they don’t want intimidation happening.

Hell, they even have this hqdefaultthing called the Lunk Alarm. Sure, I hate the obnoxious dropping of weights if its unnecessary or the overly loud grunts but that’s part of working out! It’s normal to make noises with weights and through the workout!

The machines they lack are squat racks or benching racks. If I want to flat bench on something other than a smith machine, I should be able to! I don’t understand how racks can be ‘intimidating’ (that’s their excuse) if you’re not using it! Everything can be scary, UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY TRY IT! I’m guessing some people will look up smith machines if they don’t know what it is and say “what’s so wrong with them?” Well, they don’t allow for the stability muscles to kick in. When  you normally do a flat bench or squat, one muscle is more prominently stronger than another. With that, you have to learn to stabilize your muscles back. With smith machine, you don’t need the stability because the bar is solid. It will go up and down no matter if one side is raising it and not the other.

Nonetheless, besides them not having the machines and having the siren, the place was nice. The people seemed OK and wanted to get in shape, though most of them just stuck on the cardio machines and nothing else. Typical, all guys on free-weights, women on cardio or tiny machines. Except, we change that. We pranced right in and took the weight we needed and began. Sure, they looked at us like “what the hell are they doing over here” but we didn’t care.

After the weights, we did some cardio and then Lauren convinced me to do the tanning. It was only two minutes since we never did machine tanning before and they said that’s what they’d start us on. As much as I’m against them, I did it anyway. All in all, the day was pretty great. Workout 1- Complete. 83 days left with my program. Hopefully she gets the muscles she wants. She’ll get out what she puts in. 0751faa697d6a039f92d0fcd490baf73


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