I got the job!

As I mentioned in previous posts, back in November I applied for a job I thought I didn’t have a chance to get. I went through rigorous tests processes to be put on a “ready pool” list for the job. After reading forums, I found you can wait a week or it could be a whole year later. It’s all based on their needs.

On Thursday, while I was working for a local bowling association group, I received a call. I officially got the job! After waiting on the list since Feb 25th, I finally got the call. There was one frustrating point in all of this though. The woman who called had claimed she had called back in February… I never got that call. Whatever, least she called again!

So now is the hard part, yes i accepted the job. I now how just over 2 weeks till I move and begin orientation. From there I go to all sorts of different training… all over the state and out of it.

All of this, I’ll be on my own. It’s rather intimidating to look at. I mean, yeah, I went to college without my parents but I had friends there PLUS I wasn’t staying in Hotel rooms in a foreign town. It’ll be just me, all alone, in a hotel room, waiting for work… A new experience for me for sure.

Is it hard to do things without parents? Like my mom has done everything with me and now I’m not entirely sure when I’ll even see her after the 16th… I suppose I’m even going to miss my kitty… The good thing about this move is that I’ll be living in my grandma’s house. Least I’ll know people when I move there…

This is all contingent on me passing my classes…. fingers crossed.

(No I’m not going to be a police officer. Just thought this was funny.)



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