Moving is Challenging!

So now that I got the job and am moving ‘up-nort’ (catch the joke haha Wisconsin accent…) I have be given the challenge of somehow moving my things there with me. The HUGE problem is 1- I drive a Pontiac Grand Prix meaning it’s not exactly a huge truck with plenty of space, and 2- Sunday and Monday night the car will be parked in a hotel room and the rest of the time in a public place while i work so it’s not like all of it can be in the back seat.

So how do i do this? What exactly do I pack…

  • Clothing (obviously)
  • Bahtroom things
  • My shoes– both workout and walking shoes
  • Pillow and Buttercup… yes I am a 22 year old that sleeps with my stuffed animal. Get over it and don’t judge me! I’ve had it for 18 years!
  • Maybe my big blanket?
  • Computer stuff

Now I know I’ve got to be forgetting some important things but beyond this tiny list, I really can’t think of it. I’m just so overwhelmed by all the paperwork due before/after/during a small time period. UGHHH!!! Oh another thing to the list!!!

  • bowls

Because then I can have my cheerios for breakfast no matter where I am! Can I maybe pack my kitty too? Is that accepted?

So if anyone has any important things that I’m forgetting or maybe suggested, let me know! I leave in 13 days and now is the time to make the list… right?



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