I do too know stuff about cars!

Why is it that on first impressions, a man is taken seriously when dealing with any specific part of a car and a woman isn’t? It’s frustrating just to watch the different ways we’re treated!

As I said before, I recently got a ‘new’ car, a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix to be specific. Of course, there are some things and issues with it. The HOD height adjustment is broken so it doesn’t work. The charging plugs/cigarette lighter isn’t working (not that I smoke, but would just like to charge my phone). The sunroof could use some grease so it moves better.

Being that I’m about to move to Wisconsin, I want to have the car in good shape. I’ll be driving all over the place and don’t need to have any issues. So I began to look into the fuse box to find why the plugs wouldn’t work. The manual said to look at row 10 of the fuse box for accessory plugs. Naturally, I went and bought new 10 amp fuses to replace the broken one… except, the original wasn’t broken. So it was back to the drawing board and searching the internet.

My dad had said he would look into the manual when he had time and find why it wasn’t working. Who knew how long that would take so I went to the internet and looked myself. After many different internet sites, I found that the manual wasn’t going to explain the issue I was having. Turns out, instead of row 10 being the issue, it was row 8. The 25 amp fuse must have blown at some point and the previous owners either didn’t know how to fix or didn’t want to. Same goes with the dealership that bought the car from them…

Nonetheless, I went to my Autozone store to buy the new fuses. I walked in, didn’t ask for help, went straight to where the fuses were. None of the employees bothered me, attempting to try and help. The problem I ran into was at checkout. There was a male in front of me that wasn’t asked any questions, just checked out and left. When I was next, the man had to ask if it was the right amp fuse I needed, then tried to sell me stuff that was on ‘sale’ like towels and fluids. He tried to talk about them like they were extremely important (which I know some were but I didn’t need them). But seriously, why are you asking me? I’m in here for fuses! No, I do not need transmission fluid! I need fuses! Totally different things!

Point of all of this, just because I’m not male doesn’t mean my knowledge of cars is 0. I can list a group of friends I have that are male and know nothing about cars. I love the way cars work. It’s interesting and awesome to see the processes of everything in the engine. Women need to learn how to do stuff without a mans help! Those who already do, props to you! Keep it up! I’m tired of being looked at like I don’t know anything about cars when I do! Knock it off, guys!


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