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Last night…

It’s the very last night I will spend in my own bed for the foreseeable future… At least a minimum of two months will be spent doing training jumping all over Wisconsin and at one point flying out to a southern state. After that, it’ll be 2 years of probationary time for the job.

At this point i still have no idea what my shifts will be like or when I’ll have time off. Hell, I’ll probably be working on my golden birthday this year! But I keep reminding myself: I’m 22, I don’t have a boyfriend or husband or kids, there is no one expecting me to do crap with them. I can pick up as many shifts possible and not worrying about being home to late! The life of money…

Anyway, this is the last night… The day was spent doing my final workout with my workout buddy, eating dinner with my parents, and having lunch with my brother at Dave and Busters… If you don’t know what that is, find one near you or on vacation and go to it, they’re awesome and we now have 11,000 tickets! The rest of the day was spent trying to pack…which I said before and I’ll say it again, PACKING SUCKS!

How do you pack your whole life away into a trunk! All of it has be in the trunk since the first two days will be spent in a hotel and I most definitely don’t want someone attempting to break into my car. I have a suitcase and a small container full of random knickknacks…

The other sucky part is leaving. I’ve said bye to my friends already but it doesn’t feel real yet. Every once and awhile I feel like crying because I know everything is changing and about to flip around completely. The thought of not seeing my mother everyday is heart breaking. Sure, i can call her everyday but we all know that’s not the same. The same goes with my baby cat! I love him so much and the more I watch him walk around my room knowing that I’m leaving, the more I know I’ll miss him so much.

Grandma has two dogs (that aren’t really hers but rather my cousins) and they’re tiny little Pomeranians (I think). They’re small fluff balls that never stop barking or shut up! One single move like standing up and they’re off! Bark away! I’m sure they’ll get used to me but until then, I think I might be spending more time at my cousin’s house to play with their kitties. Again, it’s still not the same…

Is it wrong to be nervous and scared about this big jump. I can’t lie; part of me wishes it didn’t happen, that I didn’t get the job… but deep down, I’m happy about the job. I’m happy to start my career and life. If it didn’t happen this year, it’d happen the next. Sooner or later I’d end up having to move out and leave mom and dad. Plus, I think (and hope) this kick starts my brother into beginning his life. He talks like it has but who knows, he talks a lot…

In 24 hours, I’ll be in a hotel room, all alone… for the first time… proud thing is, I’m experiencing this before my mother ever did. She was in her 40’s when she stayed in a hotel room alone…

New experiences are scary…



What can I say, I'm just trying to figure my life out... with all the ups and downs.

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