Second week in new home…

Last Monday was my first day of work. I stayed in a hotel for two nights so i got to experience that on my own. It wasn’t as bad as i thought but I sure as hell can’t deny I didn’t bawl my eyes out driving there. Saying by to my family was the hardest part but such is life… right?


Now I’m on my second week…. As of today, this is what has happened.

New friends: 0

Coworkers who’s name’s I can’t remember: 14 out of 15.

Workouts I’ve done: 2 (should be 12)


I’m off to a great start right? I mean the perks to living here is grandma’s home cooking. But other than that, all of my cousins are out of town. I have made 0 friends here. I feel so alone.

It doesn’t help that I’m watching (one of my favorite) movies that’s fueling the sadness: Safe Haven. I just wish I had someone to hang with. It doesn’t even have to be someone that means more than a friend. Just a friend to talk to or hang out with would be appreciated. For now, I guess i’ll stick with my movies and stuffed puppy….because things have to change… they will change… right?


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