Adults DO Lie.

I have discovered all the excuses the adults tend to make about life and being an adult are HALF true. Every adult, like ever, has told me that when I start to work, I won’t want to go out, i won’t want to workout, I won’t want to really do anything after i finish work. But you know what, that’s not all true!

Yes. yes. yes. I regret to inform you my urge to workout has died. Actually, i REALLLY want to, but… i don’t. Every night i go to bed, I tell myself how excited tomorrow will be. Then I wake up, and BAM, no want to workout. It’s gone. Pooof. Magic. Sleep and laziness replace.

However, the ‘I won’t want to do anything after work,’ is complete and utter crap. You know, picture how your mom or dad has told you not to do something and then you feel like doing it more because of that? Well picture not having any friends. It’s the same thing. You really want to do something, but ya can’t. No one to do something with makes for not doing anything. Sure, sure, you’ll probably all say something like ‘Go by yourself,’ ‘be a strong independent woman’. Yeah, any of you tried that. It’s not fun. It’s awkward and makes you feel more lonely.

So the next question is how do I make friends? It’s a vicious circle. To make friends you have to go out. To go out, you need friends. How do i make friends if I need them to go out to make some… Houston, we have a problem.

I’m really hoping i can make a friend here soon. Yeah, i have coworkers but guess what, being almost 23 and working for the federal government, it doesn’t exactly put me around everyone else’s age. I’m the baby of the group. Hell, my coworker’s are trying to set me up with their kids because they have kids that are older than me. Cause that’s not awkward for me at all.

Through all the changes here in a different state and moving, i wouldn’t regret the job. Meeting all the different people i cross paths with is amazing. If you ever pass any type of officer, worker, personnel who works for the federal gov. thank them. You’d be surprised how much we feel like crap getting dissed all the time. It’s cool and gratifying when someone randomly says Thank You. Makes you really enjoy your job.

Back to my Netflix now… and dreaming about how i might wake up and workout before work tomorrow…. (still not likely)


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