Date or hang out: is either worth it?

Guys, it’s been since high school since I dated. You know, i don’t think i’m the only one who dreams of dates like in the movies or that one friend always seems to find these magic dates. But yet right now, i find myself dreading this… thing.

This so called ‘thing’ began when my coworkers son added me on Facebook and then began to message me. Part of me still thinks his mother pushed him into it because it wasn’t until I told her that he added me, that he magically started to speak. Nonetheless, I’m still not excited. There are multiple reasons why I don’t think this’ll workout.

Now call me someone who will be forever alone (because I still do) but I think blind dates are stupid. There’s so much pressure in them to make a good first impression. Hell, he already admitted he’s not good at trying to ‘impress’ and you know what, I think it’s utterly stupid to try to. Yes, I said it. I will not try to impress anyone because that isn’t even being yourself. To me that is being fake. I’m getting off point though. The main reason I hate blind dates is because I’d rather be friends with the person first.

Think about it. If you can make it as friends with someone then you are off to a great start! You know you at least somewhat get along with the person before diving into it. It’s why I hate the term ‘friend-zone’ and all its negativity. Since when has being friends been a bad thing!

I won’t deny that I did do the thing… you know where i push away. I’m sure I wouldn’t if I felt something for him. Right now he’s a stranger and he’s pushing way to hard. It’s weird to me. Sorry but why are you saying “you’re worth it” to me about expenses when you don’t even know me! He may very stay a stranger and I wouldn’t feel like crap at all for it. Least I’m nice enough to not have canceled this hang out. That’s what i’m calling it now. It is not a date to me and he is aware of this.

Foot has been put down.



3 thoughts on “Date or hang out: is either worth it?

  1. Yes and no. There is a friend I have that I could see having a relationship with but it wouldn’t happen, at least not anytime soon. One day it’ll happen I know. Maybe when I’m all settled with the job and place ill stay.


  2. After reading some of your blogs, I can feel the pain that you’ve become accustomed to with relationships. I can’t put myself in your shoes because I’ve never really felt pain in a relationship. Just knows there’s always something better on the horizon. I’m just curious to know because you haven’t spoken about it in any of your blogs but has there been anyone who you might have thought could change your views on relationships?? If you don’t want to answer that’s cool. Just keep your head up girl and everything will come to you.


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