Stay strong till you physically can’t.

Every day, many of us strive to be the best us we can be. Sure we do it in many ways but the way i’m talking about right now is physically striving. We push ourselves to workout and lose the 5lbs we hate or burn off the doughnut we ate earlier.

In this country, all I see these days is ‘Body Positivity’ and I honestly, i think that’s a load of crap! I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve struggled with image, but I know where exactly I want to be. Sure, I’m not overweight by weighing 155 lbs but if I got to pick, I’d definitely be a lot more toned. Don’t get me wrong, everyone should be happy with who they are. But I’m most definitely not saying be happy with being overweight.

It’s not bad to have a dream to where you want to be. It’s the same as a job or a hobby. You must work to get to it or better at it. You can’t just get to level 1 or 2 and say ‘eh, i suppose I can be happy with this.’ No! Fuck that! Work hard. Kick ass.

If you want to look like someone with their muscles or tiny legs, go for it. It’s not a bad thing to want to change. It just has to be for you, not someone else.

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing Insanity Max 30. I was bored with insanity and now am trying this. I notice the difference already and it’s only the third week. Not just in toning and losing close to 5lbs, but my mood is so much happier. My coworkers look at me like i’m crazy because I’m so nice to people. For the most part, I’m even sleeping better. I look forward to the future. I wonder where in 2 months or 3 months or even next year what i’ll look like. Will i stick wth this workout plan (like i really want to right now) or will i get bored and quit.

Either way, I know exactly where I want to be and look like. I will reach that goal. I won’t care what my friends say when they tell me “you look fine the way you are!” For the most part, they know where i want to be and will help me get there any way possible. I want to feel and look good and for me, thats me losing some weight and toned up.

As for right now, I’m just happy I’ve stuck with it for 3 weeks now.




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