You only need 1 reason to get out and run.

It’s ironic really… the way one day we can go from feeling like we’re a complete failure at like to the next feeling like we’re on top of the world. For once, things seem to be falling back into place. I’m working on getting a place with my boyfriend and another friend of ours. I just paid off more on my student loans, simply because … Continue reading You only need 1 reason to get out and run.

Things I love: Flowers

I’ve always been attracted to flowers. Whether it be walking in the store and wanting to look at every single flower or walking outside among the planted ones, I absolutely love flowers. This past valentines day, I’ve had something happen that I’ve never had happen before. My grandmother, my mother, nor my aunt have even heard of this in all their years of living. Naturally, … Continue reading Things I love: Flowers

February Challenges

I swear, January was such a breeze. Now that February is coming to an end, I’m actually happy. It’s the 26th and yet this is only my second day off this whole month! They don’t lie when they say it’s hard to work with the government because they’re so short staffed. But at the same time, that also means more hours for me which i’m … Continue reading February Challenges

New Year: already up’s and down’s

So 2018 was a rather different start of a year for me. My resolution this year was not to get in shape or workout or be healthy or the repetitive stuff like that. Rather, I chose to do something that makes me happy. Many people have bucket lists, including myself. This year, my goal is to get at least one thing off that list every … Continue reading New Year: already up’s and down’s