February Challenges

I swear, January was such a breeze. Now that February is coming to an end, I’m actually happy. It’s the 26th and yet this is only my second day off this whole month! They don’t lie when they say it’s hard to work with the government because they’re so short staffed. But at the same time, that also means more hours for me which i’m … Continue reading February Challenges

Cue the happy tears on Monday! =)

So every once and a while, I actually make a happy post. This is that once in awhile. I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for Monday to come. It all started a couple weeks ago. Guys, I have to tell you. In college, you’re always busy. You run around trying to get to class, maybe even balance sports in there, and don’t … Continue reading Cue the happy tears on Monday! =)

Problems I need help solving!

Why is it so easy to get overwhelmed with everything? I mean i know I’m doing it to myself…loading too much on my plate, but still. Today is Monday. In the past week up to today, I’ve been planning out so many things, I can’t even think today. Even this morning when I walked into work, one of my coworkers said “What’s up with you, … Continue reading Problems I need help solving!

Back at the training base!

LONG STORY/REMINISCING AHEAD… It’s come to my attention that the last string of posts has been either upsetting or negative or just unhappy. But that’s just not the case! It’s been pretty great actually. Back on May 25th, I made a post. “Now I’m on my second week…. As of today, this is what has happened. New friends: 0 Coworkers who’s name’s I can’t remember: … Continue reading Back at the training base!

I kinda really want chocolate…

It has to be impossible for me to be the only one out there who get’s ‘those days’ where everything just decides to pop into your head and make you think negatively about it… Today is totally one of those days. I finished work shift a couple hours ago already and those who have read previous posts know that I’m not a morning person. Well, … Continue reading I kinda really want chocolate…