One exciting night at the bar.

As I posted before, my best friend D. was planned to fly in last Friday the 16th. Every single minute and second since then has been amazing and filled with funny, happy, and crazy moments. There was one specific night that stood out the most. Many laughs, happy moments, forever memories. Guys, with this, I can tell you I finally met a guy! It wouldn’t … Continue reading One exciting night at the bar.

Things I love: Autumn/Fall

In the past, I used to dread Autumn. The coldness, the lack of sun or ability to do much outside; it sucked. Knowing snow was right around the corner was even worse. I’m sitting here, though, thinking my mind has changed… well maybe not changed but actually been this way all along. Sure, I was upset about lack of shorts able to wear. Don’t mention … Continue reading Things I love: Autumn/Fall

To The Next Girl in My Freshman Dorm Room.

  Since College is starting up, I figure it’d be time to post this to the new kids entering. I wrote this at the end of my senior year for my creative writing major. (The Bold was originally wrote on the sides in different colors meant to be the different things I heard and said.)   To The Next Girl in My Freshman Dorm Room … Continue reading To The Next Girl in My Freshman Dorm Room.

This is my country too!

Most of my life, I have stayed out of politics. The constant arguing over sides was and is most definitely¬†not¬†worth a fight in my view. The same goes with history. I know the basics– if that. Don’t get me wrong, some parts of history interest me. As i grow older, I love to learn about different things. But most of history, I could care less … Continue reading This is my country too!

Cue the happy tears on Monday! =)

So every once and a while, I actually make a happy post. This is that once in awhile. I can’t begin to explain how excited I am for Monday to come. It all started a couple weeks ago. Guys, I have to tell you. In college, you’re always busy. You run around trying to get to class, maybe even balance sports in there, and don’t … Continue reading Cue the happy tears on Monday! =)